Before Rhinoplasty: What you need to know.

nose jobsThere is an old saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Despite this old saying, people spend millions of dollars trying to achieve perfection.   Whether it is a tube of lipstick or plastic surgery, people are constantly on the look out for a way to enhance their appearance.  One of the most common decisions a person makes to change their overall appearance is a simple nose job or rhinoplasty as it is called in professional circles.  If you are like the many people who are considering getting your nose done there are a few things you must consider first.

Make sure your expectations are realistic. Your surgeon will not be able to alter your nose to match the nose of your favorite movie star since he is limited by your nose’s own anatomical structure.

Make sure to vet and choose your surgeon carefully.  It is vital to choose a surgeon carefully for your nose job.  You will want to check their credentials and references.  Always meet them in person and make sure you are able to speak to their references in person. That is the only way you can be sure of their record.

Be aware of the cost and what it means.  The average rhinoplasty can cost anywhere from $3k to $8k depending on the skill of the surgeon and the market where the surgery takes place.  Be wary of any surgeon that tells you they can do it for less than $3K, as they may cut corners and you can not guarantee results.

There will be a recovery period and you must allow for it.  Full recovery can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a year in some cases.   Some patients even suffer strange consequences, like loss of nasal sensitivity or some issues with breathing through the nose.

Rhinoplasty complications are rare but might arise in a surgery recovery phase like infection, anesthetics side effects, or unpredictable surgery results. Report any excessive swelling, bleeding, pain or fever at the first signs to your cosmetic surgeon.

Rhinoplasty revision surgery might be necessary to correct unsatisfactory nose job results. The secondary rhinoplasty procedures are considered more complex and might require a cosmetic surgery specialist whose area of expertise is specifically nose job revisions.



Youth Soccer Activites For Toddlers Make A Lot Of Sense

People talk about retiring these days like it’s a joke, like once social security is long gone and we’re not able to take advantage of it, there aren’t gonna be any more options. Well, there are of course other options however, if you’re not rich and/or extremely frugal with your money, it might be extremely difficult. There are so many reasons and individualized situations and circumstances for this, that the combinations of things that make it difficult are endless. Most everyone I knew when I grew up in the eighties and nineties were considered “latchkey kids”, because both their parents worked and they had to be trusted to come home after school and be responsible for a couple hours until one or both of their parents got home from work. I think that the “keeping up with the Jones’s” mentality is partly responsible for this. We could all probably survive on way less, especially Americans living in the land of the plenty, where we are some of the most fortunate people on the planet. But, if our priorities aren’t in order, less could seem like neglect and be unfairly judged by others, which may or may not be justified. Just think of the amount of money that families spend on childcare on a monthly basis. Who wants someone else raising their kids anyway? I thought that the whole point was to bring little copies of you and your significant other into this life, so you could both be their main influences. Summer time can be an especially rough time to find and afford the proper childcare, that’s why Skyline Soccer can be so helpful.youth soccer league

School serves more than just one purpose. It’s not just for education, it’s also a way to ensure that your child is cared for in what is hopefully and by all means should be, a healthy environment. So, if you’re smart about it and you want your kid to be healthy, active and have interactions with other kids during the summer, instead of allowing them to waste time in front of the TV playing video games, youth soccer activities for toddlers may be a wonderful idea worth looking into. You, as a parent, might find that at least for a couple or more weeks out of the summer, these camps are cheaper than child care. Also, you can guarantee that they’re getting some sun and being active under the supervision of caring and qualified adults. Soccer camps, as well as any other sports or nature camp of any kind, is an absolute awesome way to throw your kid to the wolves, so to speak, but make sure that they’re getting the proper care they need and deserve. Some kids aren’t that social, that’s fine but when they’re put into positions where there are other kids in the same boat as them, they don’t have to feel so alone and they’re more likely to come out of their shells a little. We all care about the idea of one day being able to retire, and guess what? The way we treat our kids and the habits and experiences we instill in them might be the reason why we have help when the time comes.

The Plummer Marketing Guru Is Not Going To Overlook The Important Things

plumbing SEOIt’s a tough world out there, and no matter how tough your home life is, the business world might be even tougher. You may think that you used to have a better grasp on what was happening in the plumbing industry, but now it seems like things are unclear. Well, you’re not going crazy, you’re not experiencing the early signs of dementia, what you are feeling is probably a very real thing. Don’t worry though, there are ways to help regain whatever firm grasp it is that you thought you lost, back before you got paranoid about losing your touch. I’m going to help you get the touch back, and I’m going to do that by recommending plumbing website design.

You may say: Too late, I’ve already got a website. Well, good for you but did whoever built that website for you actually know what they were doing and do they know how to drive traffic to your site? If your answer to either one of those questions is no or you don’t know, then it’s worth reading the rest of this so I can further and more properly explain. Here are some things that The Plumber Marketing Guru is not going to overlook, that your previous web designer may have.

1. Proper website design – A website is not just a website, it is the storefront, the face of your business and your first opportunity to make a positive first impression on your potential customers. Plumbing can be a sticky and messy business but the website built for it, should be anything but. Over the years, the SEO and website design business have evolved considerably, and in the process best practices have been formed after the best SEO companies have found out what is most effective.

2. Drive traffic to the website – Think about your website like a storefront somewhere in town. The location of your business used to be the single, most important part of being successful and in this day-in-age, that importance has shifted to the internet. The location of your website, in a virtual sense, is just as important as it used to be to have a location right on main street, with the most foot traffic walking by with people doing window shopping. Getting that kind of foot traffic on the internet, requires a plumbing marketing strategy to be put in place by an SEO company who understands how to make that happen. It’s not magic, there’s isn’t any luck involved, there’s a very specific approach that has to be taken for your business and industry.

3. Did you have a sit down with your website designer? – I ask this because if you didn’t, I somehow think that maybe right off the bat, that designer never understood your needs. If they don’t or didn’t take the time to meet with you and have a real conversation about you, your business and it’s specific needs, then you might have gotten a website built, but there’s so much more to it. You want someone in your corner helping you with the tough times, not just a bystander watching you get pummeled in the ring, or worse yet, someone that doesn’t even show up to watch the fight.

A Financial Advisor Can Keep You Out Of Harm’s Way

Have you ever stopped to think about why so many people are bad with money? Go ahead, sit back and give it a couple moments and see what comes to mind, I’ll wait. Did lack of will power come to mind by any chance? How about, lack of education? Many things could have come to mind and regardless of what your money management tendencies are, I’m sure that we all know someone in our lives that are absolutely terrible at it. And, if it’s you that you would include in that statement, then understand that it’s not hopeless, there are ways to understand things a lot better than you do, but at the same time, I’m sure that you could probably utilize some self-control. Self control and money management aren’t unlike anything else; if they don’t come naturally then you have to advisor It takes practice to learn and if it didn’t, then what would we do to get better at any given thing that we weren’t inherently gifted at? This world is the way that it is for a lot of reasons, reasons that we know, and reasons that we don’t, but we all are dealt our hand in life and have to play it the best way we possibly can. It’s possible to be someone who somehow has an aptitude for making money, but the same person can be absolutely terrible at managing it. That’s why financial advisors exist and an entire industry is based upon it.

It would be nice, if all of our parents or the public or private school systems in which we were brought up, talked more about it. Poor money management ruins relationships everyday, especially ones where the couple or family gets used to riding on their high horse and then all of a sudden, without notice, the bottom falls out of the financial wagon and everyone gets run over by the axel rod. Terrible analogy, I know, but it’s all I could come up with at the moment, so you’ll have to forgive me. People without money get a whole lot more used to not having it and being able to survive without much of it, then people who do have money and then, by some misfortune or another, find themselves without it. I would highly recommend a financial advisor to anyone, who at any point of their lives, feels like they’ve got something to lose in a financial sense. It takes money to make money in most cases, a lot of people start in real estate and use that to build a small fortune first, then they move onto bigger and better things, they diversify in most cases. A financial advisor would be able to explain, better than I, exactly why diversification of one’s investments is important. The main thing is that there’s no such thing as a sure thing, even when you’re talking about gold and/or diamonds. The US economy is a complicated, fickle beast, and the world economy is an absolute monster if you don’t have a proper understanding of how to deal with it.

Motions systems create a world of possibilities

motion control systemsMuch of the world economy runs off of the production and exports of electronic goods. The days of these goods being assembled by hand on an assembly lines are long gone and have since been replaced by precision linear motion systems. As the name would imply, a precision linear motion system is a series of controllers, actuators, amplifiers and sensors hooked up to a computer system and synced up with the goal of creating goods of all varieties. The very first time motion controlled systems were implemented was on automobile assembly lines back in the 50s. It was soon discovered that with more accurate sensors and an air bearing motion system, much more productivity could be achieved then with humans alone. Also, motion systems are perfect for jobs that are dangerous for humans so they are an essential function as well as something that helps boost production in many areas. Precision air bearings mean that the motion controllers used on assembly lines can zoom from one park to the next without having any vibrations or negative repercussions. Think of it like the ability to run quickly from one end of the room to the other without having to skid your feet on the ground or slip and fall.

Because being precise is of the utmost importance many companies call ALIO industry is to provide them with nanotechnology pieces. Their precision linear motion systems are among the best in the industry and are widely used by smart phone manufacturers, electronic giants and more. They’re linear and rotary stage lines are designed to be cost-effective without compromising any quality of your product. Furthermore, their materials can be used in a number of different environments such as clean rooms, vacuum chambers and normal atmospheric environments. Often times many of the materials used on assembly lines have to be stored in what are called “clean rooms” that are ionized and completely free of any particulates or dust. ALIO hold several patents in the area of nanotechnology and are considered to be innovators. Their name is Latin for “a better way” and many of their customers would echo those sentiments.

When the system is in full swing it all starts with the core or the “brains” of the system. This is hooked up to a specialized computer that send signals out to the actuaries and the devices used to implement them. These can be hydraulic arms, electric motors or compressed air and the goal is to place or remove items in a specific manner. Precision motion controlled systems can be calibrated to make the smallest adjustments and movements, much smaller or more precise than a human beings hand could ever do. After the signal has been sent out and posted by Nampa fire the actuators can provide power to moving parts. When the task is completed sensors will send a signal back to the controller and the motion will be repeated again on another object. This all happens in a matter of a few seconds whereas if human beings were on this job it would take several minutes and there is no guarantee that the quality of the product would be the same.

Non profits must evolve to include digital options in their marketing strategies.

I have been involved in the non profit sector for my entire life. My grandfather was the Executive Director of a large non profit in our community and ever since I was little I can remember attending various fundraiser events for his organization. When I was ten years-old my mom became the Executive Director of another large non profit in our area and I started to volunteer my time to help her in small ways. At first I spent a lot of my time stuffing envelopes to send to potential donors and putting together information packets to hand out during various events. As I got older the marketing strategies of the nonprofit organization started to change. As the internet started to gain access and influence amongst the general population, non profit marketing began to evolve toward digital strategies and away from more traditional marketing strategies. Stuffing envelopes became less and less important while the focus on digital marketing became more vital.

nonprofit marketingWhen I was in high school my mom asked me to create a Facebook page for the non profit organization of which she was the Executive Director. At the time Facebook was relatively new and was used primarily for individuals and businesses and organizations had not yet taken advantage of the marketing possibilities that a social media site such as Facebook had to offer. I created the page for them and would update it occasionally for upcoming events and various successes of the organization. As time went on more and more organizations and businesses began to utilize the marketing potential that Facebook and other social media sites offered. By the time that I left for college and handed the Facebook responsibilities over to another volunteer, I couldn’t believe how much the page had grown. We had started out with only a handful of “likes” and would post occasionally. When I turned the page over to another volunteer the page had hundreds of “likes” and was being updated much more regularly. The nonprofit marketing team was on board to adopt the social media site as a serious aspect of their marketing strategy.

About five years later the organization’s Facebook page that I had created is still up and running. The page has thousands of “likes” and is updates regularly to remind people of upcoming events and other goings on at the organization. Clients and donors alike are able to stay updated on what is happening at the organization and there are many volunteer opportunities posted on the page as well. It has been an interesting experience to watch the marketing strategies of the non profit organization change over time. What started as envelope stuffing and licking stamps has turned to posting pictures and statistics online that relate to what the organization is doing at any given time. It has become much faster and easier to reach a large audience using digital marketing strategies including social media sites. I know now that digital marketing is a very important aspect of any business or organization.

Hiring an Interior Designer for My Sheers


When I first moved into my new house, I was excited to get started right away on some interior decorating. For the longest time, I had always been renting apartments, and I would jump from one apartment complex to the next, because I could never find the right one that best fit my tastes. Each year’s lease would end, and I would try and find the next perfect place. Thankfully, I was able to save up for a home of my own, and I was thrilled to tailor everything on the inside and out to my own personal tastes and preferences. At first, I made it a point to pick up some new furniture to fill out most of the space, and then I started looking at other aspects that could add that extra flair to my living space. After reading about their store on the internet, I found that South Kendall Interiors not only had the best deals on shutters and blinds, but they also had an extremely wide selection, so I could make sure that I would have style and functionality in every room in my home!


When I first stopped by their showroom, I was very impressed with their sheer amount of styles and variations of so many blinds and shades. Shortly after I stepped in the door, I was greeted by a friendly and professional sales associate, and they made it clear from the very start that they wanted to help me find the best kind of home accent to spruce up my living situation. I was able to get a really good idea as to how many options I had for my home. Before I went in, I made it a point to take some pictures of each room in my home, so I could show the kind people at South Kendall Interiors, and get some suggestions for what kinds of blinds and shades would best go with each individual room’s general look and feel. In comparison to other home furnishing stores I’ve been to, this visit was fast and efficient, and I was happy to be around such helpful and knowledgeable employees during my visit.


After getting a few sets of Hunter Douglas blinds, I went back home to setup and install them in each room. Just as I had expected, the staff at Kendall Interiors knew exactly what would match the rest of my home interior, and I’m glad that I had their assistance in the matter. My new home now looks even better now that I’ve installed sets of premium blinds for each set of windows in each of my rooms. I’ve had many guests compliment the blinds themselves, saying that they really bring all of the room together, and I’ve got the kind people at South Kendall Interiors for providing me with these quality Hunter Douglas blinds! I’m definitely going to suggest Kendall Interiors to all of my friends, and I will certainly be going back once I make a few new additions to my home.

Data Mining and Analysis is Used to Reduce Employee Turn-Over

From a simple buzzword, data mining is now something that companies do if they want to get the needed competitive advantage. We all know that saying that “information is power.” Information is simply collected and analyzed data. Thus, data in itself does not have any usefulness unless it processed.

data analysis consulting

data mining

For instance suppose you are told that your company has revenues of $1 million per month. Knowing that figure does not really tell you that much. But, if you are also told that your expenses is $1 million a month, then you have a better picture of how your company stands. If you want to have more data to have more useful information, then you do data mining. It does not stop at merely gathering data but it has to be converted into a more understandable form in order to have more use of it. Data mining is part of a field that also includes what is called as data science. The goal of data science is to dig out meaning from a large data set.

How does this answer the question of enabling a company to have competitive advantage?  Mosaic Data Science, an analytics consulting firm, has one such example which is using data science in order to reduce employee turnover. Consider the fact that according to their paper, companies on the average spend $1 million per year on recruitment. Based on their analysis and simulations, one way to improve turnover rates is to hire candidates that are predicted to have good tenure. In order to do so, these means that you have to use a large set of data that incorporates many factors involved in employee retention. In doing such analyses, you not only ensure that your employees work in the company for a long period but save money as well.

Take note that employee turnover is just one of the many issues that companies face when it comes to competitive advantage. Through data mining and the application of different data science techniques, you will be able to get a better view of your company not just internally but compared with others in its industry as well.

There are many ways for you to do so. One is to buy software that you can use in order to do the analysis yourself. The problem with this is that it means that you should have at least the required proficiency in order for you to get the most out of the information provided. A better solution is to hire a third-party group like Mosaic Data. With their expertise, you not only get the services you need but it is quality service as well. They offer different services, ranging from decision analysis to risk assessment. They also have a page for resources in order for you to learn more about the topic. After all, since you are planning to have the competitive advantage in order to be at the top of your industry then why not go for the best analytics consulting firm?

Bring your car back to life with a professional tune up

Our vehicles are not always perfect. They are often plagued with many different types of problems and there are many things that need to be done to keep it running properly. Taking the steps for preventative maintenance will reduce the amount of repairs that you need for your vehicle but doesn’t work in all cases. Today there are even many recalls with vehicles that you may not even know about. By being able to take it into a professional they can let you know what needs done to the vehicle with a vehicle inspection and if there has been items recalled on your vehicle by bringing it to its full restored potential as it should be. Being able to have your car fully tuned up means that you need to have many different types of things done to it. If you consider having a frequent brake service, wheel alignment, and old change and tune up done to your vehicle. Even getting a car wash now and again can be helpful to keep things working well for your vehicle. You get a solid vehicle you can expect a vehicle to last for many years.

Being able to have a solid vehicle you can rely on your taking care of that vehicle and ensuring that it is having all the meanest until properly so that you can enjoy a vehicle for years to come. Check Engine LightAlso if you choose to sell your vehicle after so many years being able to maintain it properly will help the resale value of your vehicle. I was making sure to keep up on maintenance does help with being able to have fewer amounts of problems in the future. Regular scheduled maintenance should always be performed for your safety is well. Going you’re having your car driving at optimal performance will help keep you safe and keeping your vehicle reliable. Over many years of used vehicles will begin to slowly lose their lives. Some problems become more and more major and the vehicles become worthless and it may be worth buying a new vehicle rather than repairing one. As you keep a scheduled maintenance you’ll be able to push that date further off and keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Always having the right kind of maintenance for your vehicle will keep you into and driving safely on the road. Whenever you see that check engine light come on remember to have it taken a look at to make sure that you are going to keep the vehicle running smoothly. Keeping your vehicle tuned up and running safe always be able to help it last longer. Enable to take care of the items of everything me from the smaller repairs to the large ones and being able to always get the old change and tune ups done when they need them for always benefit your vehicle. Trying to get away with it will only leave more money coming out of your pocket in the end. The shirt you always make your scheduled maintenance is happened for your vehicle when you will be able to drive a safe reliable vehicle for a long period of time.

We’re taking an all-inclusive cruise for our anniversary

With our ten year anniversary coming up, my wife and I decided that we would like to take a vacation as a present to ourselves.  It would give us some time to relax, just be ourselves, and have a good time by ourselves with no one to bother us or distract us.  We also really wanted to be able to be pampered as much as we could be, and make sure that it would be a trip that we could remember for the rest of our lives.  After looking at a lot of different options – everything from a beach resort in the Dominican Republic to a tour of Australia by train – we decided to take a Regent all-inclusive cruise.

There were a number of factors that led us to make that decision.  First and foremost, taking a Regent luxury cruise means that we will have every potential accommodation that we might need right at our fingertips.  Their cruise ships have open seating four star restaurants (some even with food from Le Cordon Bleu!), which means that whenever we feel like it we can just drop in for a gourmet meal without the need for reservations or a giant dent in our credit cards.  I have to confess, the idea of just being able to eat and drink whatever I want whenever I want without needing to make it myself is a luxury I have dreamed of for years!  One other thing that makes a cruise like these appealing to me is the idea that everything you need is taken care of with one booking and one all inclusive price.  I hate the idea of having to wrangle with multiple hotels, restaurant reservations, and arrangements and schedules for the things that are supposed to be fun on a vacation.  With an all-inclusive cruise package, all we have to do is get on the plane at the nearby airport and then get on the boat at our embarking point – and all of those arrangements are part of the single booking.

The only thing that is difficult with booking a cruise like this is deciding which one to go on!  We will probably take one of the seven day cruises, though we do have the option of twenty day or one hundred day cruises if we had the time for them (I wish!).  And we also have a lot of options for our destination.  Cruises are available all over the Caribbean and the Mediterranean, but also to more esoteric (and, to me, exciting) places like Alaska and the Baltic Sea or sailing along the coasts of Scandinavia.  I know that my wife and I will be having quite a long discussion about what kinds of things we might want to do off of the cruise ship, and that will determine a lot about where we wind up actually going (not much snorkeling in Alaska, for example).  Regardless, I am really looking forward to just getting on board a ship and forgetting my worries for a while!


all-inclusive cruise package